Specialized Lawyers and Consultants within the IT & Telecommunications industry.

URBETEC is a law and consultancy firm specialized in providing legal advice to companies in the IT industry and within the scope concerning IT and Telecommunications, Data Protection and Security departments.

Legal advice

We offer legal advice and representation of individuals, Public Bodies and companies which may seek to cover specific needs within the IT&Telecommunications scope, assisting them in the protection of rights and collaborating in the adaptation to the legal and technological frame which is in permanent evolution.  >>More info


We offer Data Security and Protection consulting services, as well as expert advice on compliance within this particular area, implementation of Data Security Management Systems and National Security Scheme, or Management of Electronic Evidence.  >>More info


We design and deliver training programmes oriented towards information asset management: Data Protection, associated legal risks to Data Security, Protection of Consumer and Internet User Rights, Intellectual and Industrial Property related to New Technologies, corporate Social Networking, Management of Electronic Evidence and Electronic Signature and Invoicing. >>More info


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